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Left my heart in a foreign city.

Meet the Blogger

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Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. 

URL: DashingDinosaurs
Name: ——
Nickname: —-
Gender: Woman
Sexuality; Straight
Height: 5’2”
Current time and date: Monday September 1st, 1:03 PM
Average hours of sleep: 8 to 9
The last thing I Googled was: “Macbook for dummies”
My most used phrase(s):  ”Shhhh Shut UP”, “Awesome”, 
First word that comes to mind: Apple
Last thing said to a family member: “Let me know when you are heading out”
One place that makes me happy and why?: In my car. It’s the only place that has been where I have gone and still hasn’t fall apart from my singing, crying, and stargazing while driving. It gives me hope, as I run away and away towards the unknown.
How many blankets I sleep under: One
Favorite beverage(s): Cinder, Tea, Wine
The last movie I watched in the cinema: Guardian of the Galaxy 
Three things I can’t live without:  The night sky, London, and my Phone
Something I plan on learning:  French or how to play the ukulele 
A piece of advice for all my followers:  Tomorrow is always a new day, a new start….


I’ve been wanting to contact you
but I can’t figure out what to say

because now it’s 1pm on September 1st
and I’m spinning around in the pink lingerie
you bought me for our anniversary
and I’m spinning so fast,
looking down,
watching the pink ruffles twist and turn
I’m so dizzy and I can’t stop laughing,
waiting for my eyes to focus
and when they do you’re not there
so I keep spinning.
I keep spinning.

because now it’s night time in our small town
and I’m up sitting crossed legged on my perfectly made bed
and I’m tapping my thumbs on my thighs
to the beat of all of the songs we used to sing.

because now it’s me driving across that bridge
to sit in my parent’s driveway
the same way we did when we were 16,
arms crossed in a bed of ants,
laughing into the night
at the same time as the singing crickets.

because now it’s my birthday
I make a wish
and it’s you.

I’ve been wanting to contact you
but I can’t figure out what to say

she said,
“tell me. tell me what you think you’d say.”
I laugh while pulling a lighter
out of the pocket of my yellow sundress
and whisper,
I’d say:

it’s me
and it’s always been you.


"My friends can never
forgive me
It isn’t cut & dry &
I am always walking
that line,
posed to step over
Always into what
isn’t known
I pray, kneeled
at the altar of
some man, I am
no different
than any other
But with no desire
of baby or carriage
Or even marriage
And difficult suits me
Predictable scares
me as I proclaim,
“Make me anything
but ordinary
dear Lord”
Whether he hears
me I’ll never know
Calling out to him
in the middle of
each night
But he is off somewhere
with she
who is not me
Yet I still wait
Because I have faith
Even though my
friends will never
forgive me
I cannot have it
cut & dry"


i. I think I have fallen in love with September because of the way it is the beginning of change, or the end of it. You see, it is the when I say goodbye to my flip-flops and bikinis, when I turn my back on the scorching summer sun. But I am welcomed in the arms of colored leaves and Autumn breezes and I have never felt more in place.

ii. September weeped with me when I was left by the first boy I ever kissed. It witnessed a bright sunflower transforming into a dead tree with bare branches, not a leaf in sight. The dirt swallowed my tears and the wind covered up my cries. It stayed with me night after night until the sleeves of my sweaters dried up.

iii. I learned that trees did not die when the weather turned cooler in September. The falling of leaves is what helps the tree survive through a bitter cold winter. It seals the places where leaves would grow in order to skip the game of death. So maybe people are that way too, closing up and thinking it is the end; but it is not.

iv. Somehow, I like to associate September with endings but I have to say that it has brought many new starts in my life as well. Friendships, new hot drinks at my favorite coffee places, odd adventures, and new feelings.

v. Change isn’t bad. Change is the falling of leaves; one, two, three leaves slowly touching the ground. And between those shades of orange and yellow and brown is a voice calling your name. You may not want to make a mess but you’ll end up with a smile on your face the second you dare to jump in.


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Dating is hard to come by. I no longer trust anyone. I don’t even know where to meet men! I’m done.

I figure, I have my laptop and my dresses, they will keep me company. They, combined probably cost as much as a wedding, anyway.

I’m feeling content. If only my life wasn’t so boring, I would be happy.

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I see your universe.

And isn’t the universe beautiful?

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Dalek//Into The Dalek


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Clara Oswald in "Into The Dalek"

"One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful."

New Start

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Guess What!!! After crazy researching and on a whim, I finally got a new laptop! I had to charge it onto a credit card but it is all mine! It has been 7 years since I gotten a new laptop! I got a Macbook Pro 13, the older version, non retina version because I still need a CD/DVD drive. Oh my, now I have to learn how to use a MAC! 

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Treat Yourself, Better by M.D.L
Treat Yourself, Better by M.D.L